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n-Track Software Q&A

What is n-Track Software?

n-Track Software is a small company of musicians and developers working on audio software for all major platforms.

n-Track Software was born back in 1995 when the founder, Flavio Antonioli, realized he couldn't afford a 4 track tape multitrack recorder. He therefore decided to build a software application himself that would allow him to record his music. The result was one of the first commercial music recording application, at a time when almost nobody concieved of recording multitrack audio on their personal computer.

After weeks of working on Linux, trying to make a synchronized recording mode, he decided to move to Windows 95, far ahead in audio engineering. To his satisfaction, he succeeded within a few hours to develop the first version of n-Track Studio, who collected large consensus among home recording pioneers, attracted by its immense potential and simplicity of operation.

n-Track Studio 8, the latest version of n-Track Studio, aims to be a great music recording software for entry-level users, sold at a competitive price but nonetheless providing the quality of a full-functioning recording studio.

His intuitive and pleasant user interface allows users to record their own songs in just a few seconds, without requiring months of study of music recording techniques.

For which platform is n-Track Studio available?

n-Track Studio is designed as "cross-platform" app, available as:

  • Desktop version (Windows and Mac)
  • Mobile version (Android and iOS)
Information about n-Track Studio's platform compatibility can be found here

What is your business model for n-Track Studio 8?

Mobile (iOS and Android)

  • Free version: The free version is complete of n-Track's basic functionality. However, there are some limitations concerning project saving and tracks exporting. This functions are properly replaced by the ability to share and save tracks to the Songtree cloud service. Songtree is the new online music collaboration platform created by n-Track Team.
    Check it out for Android or iOS

  • Pay once version: This is the traditional payment method. It requires the payment of $29.90 to access the full functionality available with the Pro version.
    Providing professional quality at an affordable price, n-Track Studio Pro aims to place itself in the competitive audio software market alongside its respected competitors.
    Check it out for Android or iOS

  • Subscription version: this version of the app is available via a subscription payment method of $0.99/month for the Standard version and $1.99/month for the Pro version.
    Check it out for Android or iOS

Desktop (Windows and Mac)

  • n-Track Studio 8: available for $49,00 (Windows and Mac)

  • n-Track Studio 8 EX: available for $99,00 (Windows and Mac)

Why the decision to provide two different Payment models for the mobile versions?

n-Track Software wants to allow every kind of user to be able to afford their own copy of the n-Track Studio 8 mobile app.
Through the subscription model, we want to enable users that are intentioned to use n-Track Studio for a very short period, or to try the full Pro version, to do so paying only the little contribution of $0,99, a price less than that of a coffee. This turns into a real saving of 29,00 dollars.

Which are the main features of n-Track Studio?

A list of n-Track Studio 8's main features is available here.


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  Songtree Collaborative Music Creation

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Email to press@ntrack.com for press related inquiries or to request an NFR copy of the program